Oldmixon and Uphill Karate Kai

established 1995

Starting Karate

Choosing a club:

Naturally we want you to come and train with us, but we offer this advice to help you choose the club that suits you.  We want you to be happy and safe in your training.  It is a good idea to contact the instructor to introduce yourself before you turn up, especially if you have any special requirements.  A good instructor will be happy to talk to you before you arrive.

Go along and watch a session.  See how the class runs, do you like the style?  Watch the beginners to see how they learn, but take a look at the experienced students too - you might be one of them in a few years time.  Talk to the students during breaks in the class or afterwards; are they well mannered, friendly and knowledgeable?  You'll be spending a lot of time with them.  Find out about the instructors, how long have they been practicing karate?  Do they still train?

Can you try karate out for a session before you join?  How long can you train before you need to buy your licence and equipment and is there a notice period if you decide that karate isn't for you?  Do you have to buy your equipment from the club or can you buy it anywhere?  If you are given papers to read or sign take them home to look them over properly.

If you are looking for a club for your child check that the instructors are CRB checked.  Do they know how to prevent injuries to growing bodies?  How long have they been teaching children?  Stay and watch a session or two, a reputable instructor will be delighted you care enough to check.

Our Training Sessions:

Oldmixon Primary School
  5 to 7 Year Olds 6.40 - 7.40pm
Oldmixon Primary School
  All Ages 7.40 - 8.40pm
Oldmixon Primary School
 Seniors 8.45 - 10pm
Uphill Village Hall
 All Ages 7.30 - 8.40pm
Uphill Village Hall
 Seniors 8.45 - 10pm
Your first session is free and training costs £3 per session thereafter.  There is no direct debit or contract - you just pay for the sessions you attend.  If you decide you want to train with us you will need a licence, this costs £20 per year for juniors or £25 per year for seniors.

Gradings cost £15, this includes the cost of a certificate and new belt if you pass.


Please don't start buying equipment straight away, it is not necessary to have all equipment as a beginner.  You can buy everything you need through the club but if you want to buy elsewhere you may.  We sometimes have second-hand equipment (not gumshields) you can buy.

Once you have decided you want to train with us you will need to buy the following equipment:

  • White Karate Gi (suit)
  • Gumshield
  • Hand Mitts

There are other items of equipment you may need as you progress but your instructors will advise you at the right time.

Frequently Asked Questions:
What if I'm unfit?
It doesn't matter at all, you will get fitter and stronger as you train

What if I have a disability?
We already have some students with disabilities.  Come and talk to us; we'll make every effort to accommodate you.

How often are gradings?
You will grade when your instructor thinks you are ready.  Some years you might grade two or even three times, and other years you might not grade at all.

Can I enter competitions?
Yes, if you like.  We enter competitions suitable for all standards from beginners to international athletes.  Several of our students are or were members of the WKU, England and British Universities squads.

Can I train with my children?
Yes, families are welcome to train together.  Contact our instructor for advice on which sessions you can attend.

Are there monthly or annual fees?
There are no monthly fees, you just pay for sessions as you attend them.  We don't charge an annual membership fee but you will need to have a licence which costs £25 (£20 for juniors), this is renewed annually.

Will I need to buy extra equipment later on?
You might.  If you decide you want to enter a lot of competitions you'll need a suitable gi and pads.  Experienced students often like to have a specialist gi (or more than one!), training books and videos, or weapons.  Take advice from your instructor before spending any money.

Are there extra training sessions I have to attend?
We have occasional extra sessions but you don't have to attend.  If you can't attend a weekend grading session your instructor will make arrangements for you to grade during an ordinary class.

Will I need / Can I have extra training?
We don't run as a business and the instructors have their own full-time jobs and families so you can't buy extra training time.  If you need extra training, maybe before a competition, your instructor will let you know and will make arrangements for you.

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