Oldmixon and Uphill Karate Kai

established 1995

Our Instructors:

The club is run on a voluntary basis.  There are three instructors whose ongoing training is through courses they attend.  All instructors carry professional indemnity insurance and CRB clearance.  One instructor has a Governing Body coaching qualification.  Senior grades wishing to become involved can help out in the session under the instructor’s watchful eye but to become trained instructors they need to go through a similar course structure. 

Wendy White 5th Dan

  • Governing Body Verified Instructor
  • WKU Kumite Assistant Squad Coach
  • WKU Competition Referee
  • First Aid Certificate

Gary Doughty 4th Dan

  • Registered Instructor
  • England Competition Referee
  • First Aid Certificate

"I have been practicing karate for twenty years.  I started when I was working as a doorman and had to eject somebody, one of the regulars who was already training in karate was so impressed that he said, "you show me what you know and I'll teach you karate".  And so I started training in a pub on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons.  I'm probably the only man who ever took a karate grading in a pub.  From there I started training in Brean and Yatton and anywhere else I could in my spare time.  Although I teach sport and traditional karate my speciality is self-defence using techniques and concepts from any other martial arts including Aikido, Ju-jutsu and Wing Chun .  I like to go deeper into karate, its history and concepts, correct body mechanics and fitness training."

Sarah Clark 3rd Dan

  • Registered Instructor – 3rd Dan
  • English Champion, British Champion, British Universities Champion
  • Member of the England Karate Team
  • British Universities Squad Member

See Sarah in action here

And here

Al Carchrie 1st Dan

  • Registered Instructor - 1st Dan

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