Oldmixon and Uphill Karate Kai

established 1995


23 Oct 2015 - We are 20 Years Old, come and celebrate the Clubs 20th anniversary on Sunday 25th October at Uphill Village Hall from 1:30pm to 6:30pm. There will be fun activities and a buffet, you do NOT need to wear your Karate Gi.

23 Oct 2015 - Please see the Calendar page for club openings over the Christmas Holidays


We hope you find it fun and helpful - take a look through our pages to find out more about us. 

Oldmixon and Uphill Karate Kai is a non-profit club teaching karate in Weston-super-Mare.  We opened our doors for the first time at the Oldmixon School in 1995.  After a successful couple of years we spread our wings to encompass training at the Uphill Village Hall.  

We teach karate for fitness, self-defence, sport and traditional karate values.  We're very proud of our high standards and the success of our students, some of whom have national and international titles.  You can read about their successes on other pages of this site.  We practice several styles of kata.  Our instruction includes single step basic techniques, sparring, self-defence techniques and pre-set multiple attack defences in forms.  General warm up, strengthening and stamina work are also part of the training schedule.  Regular competitions are available for students so inclined.

Not everyone wants to compete and some of our students don't expect to grade through the belts.  Everyone is welcome to come and train with us and to gain the things they want from training.

We are founder members of the Western Karate Union and affiliated to the English Karate Federation which is the only English governing body recognised by the World Karate Federation.


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